GrafCet Studio Pro Multilingual

Grafcet-Studio is a modern software tool for the Grafcet standard DIN EN 60848, making it easy and fast to draw a Grafcet chart with copy & paste and auto-completion

Once the Grafcet chart has been designed, it can be tested with the integrated simulator. So, you can check if the Grafcet behaves as desired. During the simulation you can switch inputs on and off and you can watch how the Grafcet logic reacts. For an even more comfortable simulation, you can connect a virtual system with the Grafcet logic.

In addition, Grafcet-Studio offers the possibility to transfer the Grafcet to a device or PLC at the push of a button. The Grafcet logic no longer needs to be manually converted into a program.


Draw Grafcet plans according to DIN EN 60848 quickly with copy&paste, auto-complete and templates. Save the Grafcet as an image file and insert it into your document or send all pages to the printer.


Simulate the Grafcet at the push of a button and check if everything works as it should. For easier simulation, NC contacts (normally closed) can be defined - or connect the Grafcet logic with a virtual system in 2D or 3D.


Download the Grafcet to a PLC at the push of a button - without manual programming, including monitoring mode. Now this is possible with Siemens S7-300/400, S7-1200/1500, CODESYS V3 based controls, RaspberryPi, Arduino Due.

Simulation of the Grafcet-logic

Only if you simulate the designed Grafcet chart, you can be sure that the sequence is exactly as you have thought it would be:

Did you always use the correct action type?

Did you always use the correct assignment in the action string?

Did you always use the correct step type?

Did you always use the correct step variable?

Are all transition conditions correct?

Are there no copy/paste errors?

Are somewhere typos in Grafcet terms that lead to misunderstandings.

Simulation with a 2D-scene: PLC-Lab

Grafcet-Studio (all Editions) can connect to PLC-Lab (all Editions) over a software interface. The sensors and actuators of the virtual scene are synchronized with the Grafcet logic. So you can test your Grafcet chart in the same way like the real hardware. Virtual scenes are a MUST HAVE when you have many input and outputs.

PLC-Lab is very flexible and you can build any scene you like.

Simulation with a 3D-scene: Factory I/O

You need Grafcet-Studio Standard-Edition (or better) to connect to Factory-I/O MHJ-Edition or Ulimate-Edition. Factory I/O offers a better visual experience than PLC-Lab but is not as flexible when creating a virtual scene. With PLC-Lab almost every machine can be reproduced in a simplified way. With Factory I/O, you should check if your desired machine can be replicated before buying.



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